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diptyque Candles

diptyque violette candle
I’ve become a bit of a candle snob in the last several months, and I judge a candle based on the strength of its scent both lit and unlit. I’ve seen diptyque candles pop up around Pinterest/blogosphere, and when Dani and I stumbled upon a diptyque boutique shop in downtown San Francisco I had the opportunity to check out all their different scents.

They had a lot of lovely scents, but the one I went home with was Violette / Violet. This is going to sound silly but the scent reminded me of Mr. Bubble bubble bath. It smells SO GOOD! Dani got the Mimosa one which also smells divine! I’ve been lighting mine in the morning as I’m getting ready for work and putting my makeup on. Makes me feel all pretty!


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This month I have fallen in love with yoga again. I first tried yoga at my local community college about nine years ago. The instructor wrote her own textbook and our final for the class was to bring a homemade dish from one of the recipes in the book for a sattvic picnic potluck. I loved the class so much that I continued yoga as one of my classes when I moved to the bay area. Unfortunately the instructor was not as inviting as the other, plus life happened, so I went several years withoutout taking classes regularly.

At the beginning of this year I found a couple YouTube channels to follow, but wasn’t doing it regularly. This month Dani introduced me to a yoga studio right around the corner from our house, so I’ve been going to classes 2-3 times a week. I absolutely love it!


I first heard Hozier’s music when he performed at the 2014 Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show, but it wasn’t until this month that I started getting into the rest of his music. I’ve had “Like Real People Do” as well as few other tracks on repeat all month. Something about his voice and style of music is very calming and puts me in a good mood.

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What's In My Beauty Bag - July 2015
  1. beautyblender® pure® – I’ve been skeptical of what I thought to be an overpriced makeup sponge for a long time. I decided to give the pure® a try after reading it was good for applying serums and primers; since most of the primers/serums nowadays want you to pat it onto your face, I figured this would be the ideal applicator. I use it to put on my Paula’s Choice Shinestopper, and it gives me great coverage. I really feel like I am getting an even amount of product on my face when I use this, and I can definitely see why people go for the original to apply foundation and concealer.
  2. Paula’s Choice Shine Stopper Instant Matte Finish with Microsponge® Technology – I’ve been experimenting with Paula’s Choice for my skincare routine this past month, and this is one of my favorites. As someone with SUPER oily skin I am always on the lookout for something that will get my t-zone in control. This stuff does the job and leaves my skin super soft! I use it on top of my moisturizer and before foundation.
  3. Paula’s Choice Clinical KP Treatment Cloths – It’s hard to find stuff for bacne that actually works and doesn’t dry out my skin. I got a sample of these with my first Paula’s Choice order, and I love them! They’re great for these summer months right now where I don’t need something heavy but do need some kind of treatment.
  4. Benefit Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara – I don’t really have a favorite mascara, but this just might be my new one. I love the size of the brush and the fact that I don’t have to use an eyelash curler to get the fullness I want. Plus it’s not a pain to remove, like most high-end mascaras are.
  5. The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash – Like mascara, I’m typically not married to any one body wash in particular, but this stuff is by far my favorite! The tea tree oil feels cool and tingly and does a better job dealing with my bacne than some of the other body washes I’ve tried. I stocked up on a couple bottles of these during The Body Shop’s last sale!


I started out last weekend by going to the 40th birthday bqq of my former Creative Director. I got to meet his brand new baby, Kimo, and his wife finally got to meet Mr. Big!

James, me, Joshua, and Mr. Big

I would like to note that Mr. Big was very well-behaved around the baby, so it definitely gives me hope for the future, hehe.

Last weekend was also my niece Renee’s sixth birthday! Her mom and grandparents hosted a bbq at their house complete with a pool, craft station, and lots of good food!

Renee's Dress

Later in the day our good friends Adam and Danielle came over for a visit before heading back up to Reno. They recently became engaged and they asked both Joshua and I to be in their bridal party!

She asked, and I said yes! Honored to be your bridesmaid @daniellecmills! #bridesmaid #datwedding2016

@joshua300td left him hanging at first but agreed to be one of @adamtturnbull's groomsmen. #datwedding2016 #groomsmen #bromance

A couple of other life-related things:

  • I got my hair trimmed.
  • I only went to yoga once this week, but it was my 6am class, which I’m really proud of myself for getting up to exercise that early!
  • I saw Terminator Genisys, which I thought was really good and WAY better than Salvation!


When I wasn’t hustling to get things done for the upcoming site for The Kitchen I was working on my CAPMR wireframes. Here’s a look at my sketches.

capmr wireframes

I digitized them, and they were presented to the client. Overall they really liked the direction I was going and were surprisingly very open-minded about the ideas I had, so I’m looking forward to moving into the design phase of the project.

Oh and Mikuni finally put the cover photo up I designed! Originally I had the Fair Oaks Roll, but the client wanted something different so what you see now is the final and approved result.


No love for The Lovely Geek this week other than some routine WordPress maintenance. I’m trying to work on adjusting my routine and making time at some point daily to work on the site so I avoid these “no progress” weeks.



Last weekend Joshua had to meet up with a fellow Mercedes lover to buy some wheels for his car in San Francisco, so Dani and I accompanied him which turned into a shopping day!

Dani and I in SF

We went to Westfield SF for lunch and to look around at the different shops. I visited the Tory Burch store and bought her fragrance; it was also cool to finally see the FitBit bracelets in person.

We explored a couple shops outside the mall, and purely by accident we stumbled upon a diptyque shop. I’ve seen their candles floating around the blogosphere/Pinterest, mainly empty candles being used to hold make-up brushes, and had been considering getting one, so it was nice to see the candles in person and actually smell them. I went home with Violette and Dani got Mimosa, both which smell SUPER good!

On our way home we passed through Marin and did a quick drive-by of my grandpa’s old house, and we stopped at Mary’s Pizza Shack for dinner.

Sunday was my first yoga class of the week. Dani and I went to Holy Yoga in the evening, which was basically doing yoga and worship. It was pretty neat, especially since we went to church earlier in the day, so it was a nice way to wrap up our Sunday.

I went to two additional yoga classes during the week. The one I went to on Tuesday evening was a donation class, so donations went to the Sweet Dreams Foundation which builds dream bedrooms for kids with life threatening diseases. Then I went to another Rise With the Sun class on Thursday.

Friday evening Joshua and I went out with Dani and her friends to celebrate the enagement of Danielle and Adam. We to Chicago Fire for dinner and wrapped up the evening at Cold Stone Creamery.


This week I worked on a couple different projects. I did some more designs for the Swansons app, created some cover photos for Mikuni’s Twitter and Facebook pages (which they haven’t put up yet), worked on the upcoming new design for The Kitchen and Iron Horse Tavern, and began wireframing for Capitol Morning Report.

Also my lifestyle photo finally was added to Three29’s website.

Me shopping at West Elm

A couple weeks ago I did a photoshoot with Kevin Fiscus at West Elm which he photographed me shopping. The idea was to show me doing something other than what I do for a living, and since I keep this blog here of my domestic adventures it made sense to have a photo of my shopping at one of my favorite stores. And in case you’re wondering, in my photo I am look at a succulent.


I continued work on the mood board, playing around with some pattern designs, but that was about it for progress.



Friday night Joshua, Dani, and I saw Inside Out. It was really cute (so was the short film Lava), and I hope with the way they left it open they will do a sequel. It wasn’t my favorite Pixar film (WALLβ€’E and Finding Nemo will forever be my favorites), but I did enjoy it a lot more than several others.

On 4th of July I spent the day relaxing since I was still getting over my cold from the previous week. We watched Independence Day, and later in the afternoon I went to a BBQ at my friend’s house with Dani and Joshua. After the BBQ we watched the fireworks from the fairgrounds.

Sunday I went on the First Sunday Drive with the Mercedes-Benz Club of America, Sacramento Section. I haven’t been on a First Sundar Drive since Joshua and I live in the bay area, so it was nice to go on one again.

@joshua300td and his dad brought their Benzes to the Mercedes-Benz Club First Sunday Drive! #sacramentosection #firstsundaydrive #mercedesbenz

Joshua’s dad brought his Benz along too, and even Dani came with us, both of whom have never been on a Sunday drive.. The drive started at the Starbucks by my old college and ended up in Auburn. Next month I’m thinking I’ll bring my “Lady Benz” along.

Dani introuduced me to a yoga studio right down the street from my house, so on Thursday I tried out one of their classes. It’s called “Rise with the Sun” where we did sun salutations with the class starting at 6am. It was really nice to start my day my day like that, and since the studio is so close to my house I plan on working some additional classes into my schedule.


Work was pretty good this week. I got to work on a couple different things, and I will be getting to start on wireframing for a new web project.

I also got to have my very first session with our business coach. Once a month we have a business coach that comes in and talks to us one-on-one. She helps us set goals and is there to talk about any grievances we may have. She also acts as a mediator between the team and our boss, and will talk to him if there are any trends he needs to be aware of (everything is kept confidential).

For my first session we mostly discussed my DiSC profile and how that applies to me in the workplace. Plus she got to know more about me and how I deal with stress and what I need in a workplace. It’s so refreshing to be in a place that cares about my success and gives me the tools/people to do so. I’m really blessed.


Not a whole lot happened with the blog this week. I spent most of my time looking at inspiration as I move forward with the design, and by stumbling upon some new blogs I came up with some ideas for additional content/pages.