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Hello, friends! You may have noticed it’s been a little quiet around here lately. That’s because I’ve been busy behind the scenes working on my new blog for quite some time. I’m happy to finally announce a launch date for TheLovelyGeek.com: Monday, September 5.


Everything will switch over then. I’m signing off for now, but I can’t wait to share my new site with you!


This has been a week of boxes for me! On Tuesday my Sephora Play Box arrived, and then a few days later my Stitch Fix Box showed up. Here’s a look at what I got:

My July Fix from Stitch Fix

This month’s Fix included a dress, three tops, and a necklace. One of the tops I’ll need to grab a strapless bra for, but I need to go bra shopping anyway so it all works out! I love the pieces I got this month!

– – –

New to Stitch Fix? It’s an awesome subscription service where you’re sent 5 clothing items/accessories, and you simply pay for what you want and return what you don’t. You’re assigned a personal stylist who’ll pick out your outfits based on how you fill out your Stylist Profile. You can set your budget, leave notes for your stylist, even a link to a Pinterest board for inspiration. If you’d like to check it out for yourself sign up today for free and start filling out your Style Profile!



On Sunday Joshua and I got to attend the soft opening for OBO’ Italian Table & Bar, one of my clients from Three29 whose site I designed.

Enjoying a delicious lunch at the soft opening for @oboitalian! Can't wait for their website to launch this week! The food is amazing! #three29 #glutensensitive #italian #sacproud

I had a delicious Goat Cheese & Pancetta gluten free pizza and a Blood Orange Margarita. It was delicious! On top of that, it was awesome seeing the restaurant come to together after staring at concepts in a branding guide for months while I designed the site.

Monday, Joshua and I went on a Pinkberry date after dinner at Palladio, something we haven’t done in a long time. I go to that shopping center all the time because of Whole Foods, but I haven’t been in the rest of the shopping center in some time because when we walked around we noticed a lot of new things. For example, Barnes & Noble Bookstore will be coming soon, which is awesome because ever since Borders closed its door we haven’t had a major bookstore nearby. It’ll be nice to have one closer to home again. Also, one of my favorite restaurants from downtown Sacramento, Petra Greek, is opening a second location in the same shopping center. Woo hoo!

I started watching Outlander this week on my lunch breaks, and I am officially addicted. I knew I would love the show before I started watching it, and now 10 episodes in I am hooked.

The fandom has been very welcoming too. 😊

Friday night my niece Renee came over and we got to take her to the El Dorado County Fair.

Renee having pizza and lemonade at the fair

Renee riding a pony named Smokey

She got to ride a pony and go on several other rides. We also got to meet up with my friend Abby and her boyfriend, my brother in-law Bobby and his wife Amber. We had a really good time!

Saturday I got a haircut, did some cooking, and went over to my parents’ house to celebrate Father’s Day. We had a lovely dinner on the deck, and my uncle and cousins were there to celebrate.

Enjoying some wine


This week was pretty awesome at work. For starters, I celebrated my one year anniversary at Three29 on Wednesday.

Celebrated my one year anniversary at @three29media today! Also got a new ! Hooray! So happy to be part of this amazing teamily! #three29

It also happened to be the same day my new computer was ready, so it was a great to end the day with both recognition for it being my anniversary as well as a shiny new retina iMac.

The next day, the site I designed for OBO’ launched. While I’ve had many sites go in live within the past year, this is the first one I designed from the ground up that launched, and I couldn’t be prouder.


Wrapped up the work week by having lunch there again with the whole team. This time I had the PLT (Pancetta, Lettuce, Tomato) on their gluten free bread, and it too was delicious!


I FINALLY finished importing all my past posts, which was a major task in itself! Now that’s over I’m working on finishing up the remainder of my content on other interior pages, and doing some tweaking of the design. I’m so close to being ready to push The Lovely Geek live – I can’t wait!

A Day in the Life: May 2016

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– – –

What are you thinking about?

I wish it was the weekend so I could continue working on TheLovelyGeek.com. I don’t wanna go to bed!

What else are you thinking about?

Why are my teeth all sensitive and sore right now?

List three other things running through your mind, if any.

  1. Need to figure out where I am going to get more benzoyl peroxide face wash and what brand it will be.
  2. What else do I need to get at the mall tomorrow?
  3. I should probably go to bed…

What is the time?


How did you start your day?

Snuggling with Mr. Big in bed. After Big and Tucker go potty and eat their breakfast, they come back to the bedroom if I am still in bed. Tucker will go back to his bed and Mr. Big will crawl back into bed with me and snuggle until I get up.

How will you end it?

Crawling into bed and snuggling with Joshua and Mr. Big before drifting off to sleep.

– – –

Today was pretty chill for a Monday. Our new Digital Strategist started his first day, I got to start design on a new project plus do some internal tasks, and we interviewed a potential new designer. After work I met Joshua at Chili’s for dinner, and then we curled up at home in front of the TV to catch up on Agents of SHIELD (we are SO behind). Took a shower, caught up on some website stuff, and now I am off to bed!


The One Room Challenge ended on Thursday, and while we have busted our booties to get quite a bit done this week, we’re still not done. Even though it’s not 100% complete I am still very proud of how much we’ve been able to accomplish in the last six weeks.

Don’t worry, even though the ORC is over, we’re still pushing forward to finishing the shed. What we have now is a finished base ready to be decorated, which as we know is the fun part!

The exterior dragged out a little longer than I hoped for because of it raining almost every week, especially on the weekends. The exterior walls are painted, just need to paint the trim and put up some decorations. Down the road we’ll probably get a little landscaping down around the sides.

Exterior of the shed

Exterior of the shed

As for the interior, all the walls got painted. The front area still needs to have the ceiling and beams painted, but the back storage area is 100% completed. It’s now ready for to start brining stuff back in.

Looking back from the front of the shed towards the storage area

Right side of the back storage area

Painted ceiling and beams plus a new light in the storage area

Front area of the shed

Front area of the shed

Next on the to-do list?

  1. Finish painting the trim on the exterior
  2. Paint the trim and door on the interior
  3. Bring out everything that needs to go into storage area and organize it in that area of the shed. Right now everything that is considered storage it hanging out in our entertainment room
  4. Paint the ceiling and beams in the front of the shed
  5. Replace the light switches and outlets in the front of the shed
  6. Finish the flooring
  7. Put up the curtain rod and curtains to separate the storage from the rest of the shed
  8. Build pieces from IKEA for the front of the shed
  9. Decorate!

Our goal is to be 100% completely done with reveal photos by the end of the month if not sooner.

One Room Challenge Spring 2016 #oneroomchallenge