So I’m gonna get real with you guys for a minute. I’ve been debating whether or not I want to share this, but I feel like if I do then it’s a step in the direction of acceptance and moving forward to deal with it.

I went to the doctor’s this week after a few appointments, lab panels, etc. prior, and I found out that I have PCOS – Polycystic ovary syndrome.

These are some of the symptoms I have been experiencing:

  • Acne
  • Weight gain and trouble losing weight
  • Extra hair on the face and body
  • Irregular periods
  • Fertility problems
  • Anxiety/depression
  • Increase in stress levels

I’ve been off the pill for over a year now, and it seems prior to that it was keeping my symptoms more manageable. I’ve switched brands of pills a couple of times which has been consistent with my weight going up. My weight has drastically gone up since being off the pill, as well as my acne and other symptoms. So while this diagnosis doesn’t surprise me (it totally makes sense), it sucks because it feels like it’s making things all the more difficult.

Enjoying some beautiful roses from my garden and some new reading from @dashingdish.

So what’s next? Well, I’ve acknowleged I need to make more drastic lifestyle changes, starting with food. With being on Weight Watchers for seven years, simply tracking points is not enough. I need to change what I am eating. I’ve started detoxing from sugar, especially after watching Fed Up, and I am going to focus on clean eating.

My doctor said to start with trying to lose 10% of my weight and go from there. It’s been difficult with the PCOS and one of the symptoms being difficulty losing weight, but I’m hoping with focus more on clean eating will really help give me that extra boost I need.


CGASC 2015

I hustled over the weekend working on my build for the CGA Strategic Conference, and it paid off! On Tuesday the site went live!


The Lovely Geek didn’t get any attention this week, but since I have a four day weekend this weekend that’s going to change! My goal is to get my mood board done and move on to my style guide and design.



Last weekend we celebrated Mother’s Day with my mommy in Santa Cruz.

Having tea with my mama for Mother's Day!

On Saturday, Joshua, Dani, and I took her to a quaint little tea room called The Quail & Thistle Tea Room. We had their California Country Tea, which consisted of salad, scones tea sandwiches, baked goods and of course, tea. It was so cute and super yummy!


The word of the last couple of weeks has been hustle. I got my designed approved for the 2015 CGA Strategic Conference.

2015 cgasc

Since we’re spread a little thin these days trying to get project out the door, I’ve been busy building out the design. I literally finished the build last night, and hopefully it will be going live in the next day or so. I’m really proud of how my build turned out. I was nervous about it since I haven’t built anything for DG in a couple of years (since I first started as an intern), but with help from my developers I was able to build something I’m really proud of.


When I haven’t been working, I’ve tried to sneak in working on a mood board for The Lovely Geek. I’ve also been getting familar with a new design program called Sketch, which I absolutely love! It takes the best things about Photoshop and Illustrator and puts them into one in a program that is actually made for designing websites. After reading this case study on Smashing Magazine I finally gave in to using it on of my projects. Once I did, I loved it! Not to mention my developers at work are a lot happier I did too – it makes life a lot easier for building.


It’s hard to believe that 22 years ago I happened upon these books in my elementary school library not realizing how much of an impact they would have on my life.

Star Wars Children's Books

Looking back on it, I think that’s really where my ‘geek’ journey began.

As Princess Leia

While I was the girl that played with Barbies and makeup, I was also the girl with lightsaber and a growing collection of figurines.

My Star Wars Collection

And now years later evidence of both the child and the adult Star Wars lover can be seen throughout my house.

My Desk

Star Wars has been my long-time friend, one that I have grown up with and will forever be in my geeky little heart. May the fourth be with you. ♥



On Sunday we celebrated my grandpa’s 97th birthday (his actual birthday was on Tuesday).

Happy 97th birthday to this guy. He cracks me up! He loves his chocolate though!

Every year we celebrate another birthday with him I am so grateful. It’s been rough for him health-wise these past several months, so I’m glad I got to eat chocolate cake with him again. :)


After being gone the previous week for vacation, I had a lot to catch up on in the office; however my accomplishment of the week is I got my design both finished and approved for The Wire!


I’ve still got a few more comps to do as well as updating my style guide, but I am so pleased with how this turned out and can’t wait to see it in build.


This week with The Lovely Geek, I set up sites for my portfolio and wedding: thelovelygeek.com/design and thelovelygeek.com/wedding. I updated plugins and upgraded WordPress to 4.2 Powell, which came out on Thursday. I’ve also been working on some updated logo concepts for the new sites, which I’m really excited about.


We headed off to the beach in San Simeon last week to spend some time with Joshua’s family. Our annual family vacation came early this year because we celebrated the 50th birthday of Joshua’s adopted father.

Our first night we partied on the hotel’s beach (Best Western Cavalier Oceanfront Resort) with extended family, enjoying homemade cioppino and reading heartfelt letters to the birthday man next to the firepit.

Here till Thursday. Goodbyeeeee! #familyvacation #beach #ocean #sansimeon Birthday bash on the beach! Homemade cioppino by @robertbrullo was fantastic!

The next day we met up with the whole family and visited the elephant seals at the Elephant Seal Vista Point. They’re on vacation too. 😉

Checking out the elephant seals! They're on vacation too. #sansimeon #familyvacation Elephant Seals

We had lunch by the pool and hung out there for the afternoon until dinnertime. We spent that evening and the next couple evenings at William Randolph Hearst Memorial State Beach where we had dinner by the beach and played on the pier.

Walking down the pier. #familyvacation #dabeach #sansimeon Spending some quality time with my niecey-poo! #familyvacation #notatwork #dabeach

The next few of days were filled with hanging at the pool, eating really good food, and exploring the beaches. Nights were spent watching the sun set and falling asleep to the sound of the ocean waves. It was the ideal vacation.

#dabeach #familyvacation #notatwork Sunset

Our final day we had lunch at San Simeon State Beach where we explored the tidepools and watched the seals and sea lions.

The Tidepools at San Simeon State Beach

Sunbathing Seals

Family Exploring the Beach

We spent a few hours in San Luis Obispo to experience their Thursday Farmets Market, and then it was home sweet home!